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Richard Tallowin , United Kingdom
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Feb 17 2012
Thank you for the comment - Feb 27 2012
Thanks for the continued feedback, I will also look into that.

Thanks again - Feb 24 2012
All sounds great, will wait for your upload and will include it into Simple Extras along with credit in the authors file, thanks again - Feb 20 2012
Thanks for commenting, maybe you could upload the icon setup you are already using? and then it could be included into a updated Simple Extras as a added option.

What do you think?

Thanks again for the comment - Feb 20 2012
Thanks for the comment skull-y, updating the network connecting icons e.g. WiFi is already planned and will possibly be added to later version. I will also look to add JDownloader, Leafpad and Thunar icons to 2.8+

Thanks again for commenting - Feb 17 2012
Thanks for the comment McBurri, Am currently without internet but will look into the problem and support for Ubuntu 10.10 later

Thanks again - Oct 20 2010
Sorry i will have another look, reason the testing is done on a Live CD as seen in the screen shot is, ATM my laptop is down, due to my charger having recently died (Waiting for a new one). So i am currently running the Live CD on my Windows Machine.

I will have another look as seen in the screen shot it was showing correctly and not huge. Hopefully it can be fixed soon

Thanks again for testing
Richard - Jun 21 2010
I have hopefully fixed the last of issues with Empathy IM can you test it for me.

As its currently only on the mirror site.

Here is a screen shot of what the emotions look like in 2.6.5

Any more problems please post a comment and thanks for using Simple - Jun 21 2010
Thanks for commenting and giving a screen shot, I will fix the emotions and reduce the other icons to possible 32x32 instead of 36x36.

Sorry again for the problems with Simple

I hope we can fix the issues and get Simple up to the high standard i and people expect.

Thanks again for commenting - Jun 21 2010
Thanks for the quick reply, after having a look this morning, i think i have fixed it and uploaded 2.6.2. Here some screen shots to show the empathy IM running off the Ubuntu 10.04 Live CD.


Showing Empathy IM with Icons and Protocol Icons showing

Showing Empathy IM with Icons and not showing Protocol Icons

Anymore problems please post a comment

Thanks Again - Jun 20 2010
Thanks again for commenting send4m3,

Can you make sure your using 2.6.x as all previous version e.g. 2.5.x and below had this issue and i though i had fixed it for 2.6 and above.

However i will look at it again tomorrow

Thanks again for commenting - Jun 19 2010
"change the visibility of the browser" icon is located at:


And is called "music-library"

But including a icon called "music-library" in your theme places folder will work as well and Rhythmbox will show the new icon.

Hope that helps
Richard - Jun 16 2010
Thanks for commenting, i was going to release an update alot earlier but i have been very busy and have not been able to complete the various changes and updates needed.

I will try to find the location and icon name and post it as a reply. Also I plan to start on Simple after June 15th as then i will have alot more free time.

Thanks again
Richard - Jun 07 2010
First thanks for commenting and it's great to hear your been using Simple,

Second thanks for notifying me of the problem i will make sure the bluetooth and user icon work correctly in 10.04 and onwards

I am currently finishing off my computer degree assignments, so I will try to complete an update this Sunday

Thanks again for commenting - May 05 2010
Sorry, i had included the Liferea icon in Simple (Laptop Version) but i uploaded the version i had on my work PC. I will upload a 2.4.1 bugfix version tomorrow

Also the i have included a theme for Liferea in Simple Extras (2.2.5) onwards - Feb 18 2010
No problem, i will look into the two requests later this week

Thanks again for commenting - Feb 10 2010
No problem, thanks for commenting that issue.

Any more problems post a comment and i will look into it

Thanks again for commenting - Jan 28 2010
No problem. Thanks for kind words,

P.S If you look at comment posted about not being well its dated - Nov 22 2009

But thanks anyway - Jan 27 2010
Thanks for commenting your issue you’re having is the icon cache has not updated causing you to see the old icons.

You will need to run these commands in a terminal to make your changes take effect:

sudo gtk-update-icon-cache -f /usr/share/icons/Simple

sudo gtk-update-icon-cache -f ~/.icons/Simple

(If you get an error about the folder not existing on the second one, change .icons to icons)

These commands came from russianzilla who commented about the same issue on the last page of comments (Page 8).
Also these commands are included with the Readme in Simple Extras. - Dec 01 2009
No problem. Extra icons for each of the applications will be in included in 2.1.

Reason for no updates since 2.0 is due to me being very busy with my degree and the last week I have been very ill.
- Nov 22 2009
No Problem - Nov 07 2009
Thanks for commenting and posting feedback, I will include the original ubuntu volume icons into Simple Extras giving the user the choice.

Also I will look to improve the current set of volume icons included with Simple 2.0.

Finally thanks for heads up on the wifi icons, I will try to fix the icons in future versions, The reason for that issue is currently I don't own a laptop (Let a family member borrow it for now) or own a wireless adaptor to test and see if it works with Simple 2.0

Thanks Again for posting - Nov 07 2009
No Problem, I am glad you enjoy using Simple and Simple Extras.

Also thanks for posting the commands to fix the icon cache.

Those commands will be included in future extras versions with credit to you.

Thanks Again

- Sep 19 2009
First thanks for commenting,

Second thanks for notifying me of the problem i will make sure Simple Extras works as expected for all future versions

Sorry again for any inconveniences caused - Sep 18 2009
The gtk 2 and metacity theme are based on Flat BSM by brunomarques br

Here is a download link for theme shown in the screen shots. - Sep 12 2009
no problem - Sep 10 2009
Thank you - Sep 08 2009
Thanks for commenting,

Noted, I have already improved the issue in the current development version

Thanks again for commenting - Sep 06 2009
Thanks for commenting,

Am glad you enjoy the icon theme, I will try to make sure the icon theme is updated and works with all current and up and coming GNOME versions.

Thanks Again for commenting - Sep 01 2009
Good to see the bug is fixed for you.

Thanks for the feedback, I will try out new network icons soon to see if they improve on the current icons.

Thanks again for commenting - Aug 31 2009
No Problem, I am glad you and many other people enjoy using Simple and give excellent feedback so i can improve the icon theme.

Without people like you giving feedback this icon theme would not of improved so quickly - Aug 24 2009
Hi AZorin,

First thanks for commenting.

Second, Yes you can include the icon theme in your up and coming release as it was relesed under the following license - LGPL, GPL and CC

Make sure you include the original AUTHORS file as well.

Thanks again for posting
- Aug 23 2009
Thanks for testing 1.8 and making sure Banshee worked correctly.

1.8 will be released Monday with the following changes:

Support for Banshee and Empathy
Various small changes and updates
Replaced the trash icons

Thanks again - Aug 22 2009
Some of the icons will show correctly because there shared through many aspects of the OS e.g. gtk-delete.

Where some of programs like Banshee and Tomboy use icons only used in that program, so they don't show correctly until you add the extra icons.

I will try to fix the issue for 1.8 and all future versions

Thanks Again for commenting - Aug 19 2009
Thanks for feedback, i will try to incorporate your idea into future versions.

Thanks again for taking the time to create a mockup - Jul 29 2009
First thanks for taking the time to comment.

Second i know but at the minute i don't have time to make all the icons into smaller sizes e.g. 16x16, 32x32.

Maybe for 2.0 i will release the icon theme supporting all icon sizes through .svg images.

Thanks again for commenting - Jul 26 2009
I have improved that icon in 1.5 but thanks for sending feedback again

Sorry for delay in updates but i been very busy with work and such.

Hopefully i will be able to release 1.5 Sunday or Monday. - Jul 24 2009
I will include the KDE4 nav icons in future extra releases, to allow future choice.

Thanks Again for commenting - Jun 24 2009
I personally like the nav icons as well, I would include an extra option in Simple Extras, so people can choose.

What do you mean by the KDE icon?

At the minute i have included both KDE4 and Oxygen icon straight from the KDE SVN.

If you have any more ideas or feedback, post a comment and i will look into the problem.

Thanks again - Jun 23 2009
Thanks for commenting

I will try to incorporate your idea into future versions

Thanks Again - Jun 23 2009
Thanks for the continued feedback.

I will look to fix the icon for 1.5

Thanks again - Jun 22 2009
Fixed in 1.4

Thanks for commenting - Jun 22 2009
Thanks for the comment, I recently was trying out a few things (pre - 1.3) and forgot to remove them icons but your comment just reminded me, thanks.

BTW the reason for no releases recently is the computer which runs ubuntu, the hard drive died recently and I have only just been able to swap it over for another 80GB hard drive.

Thanks again for commenting - Jun 21 2009
The home icon was trial idea, too see if people think we should use the folder or the home icon.

Thanks for the feedback, I have reverted to the folder icon and included the oxygen archive icons in extras, as to allow people to choose.

I am still currently trying to fix the rhythmbox icon - "Artist Information"

And plan to release 1.4 in the coming days.

Any more feedback, please leave a comment - Jun 16 2009
Thanks for the image and feedback, but I have known about the icon missing for Artist Information for sometime but I have not been able to find the image name I need.

I have downloaded the source code for Rhythmbox and looked at the icons included but still can't find the needed information, if you know the information for either I would be very thankful and I could then include needed changes in 1.4. - Jun 15 2009
No Problem, it will be changed for 1.4 - Jun 15 2009
Its no problem, nitpicking the icon theme.

I am glad you are nitpicking the icon because due to you and other people's feedback, this icon theme has improved greatly over the last 5 months.

In 1.3 i have made great changes to the mimetypes icons and i hope you like the new changes in 1.3

- Updated all archive icons
- Updated all OpenOffice icons

Thanks again for all the feedback and continuous support - Jun 15 2009
Thanks for the good idea, I will try to incorporate it into 1.3

Thanks again - Jun 14 2009
For version 1.2, I only replaced the Microsoft Office icons with the oxygen style icons for a better consistent look, as I believe you were right in that aspect.

However I feel having different icons for OpenOffice and MS Office makes it easier to tell what format they were saved in.

Due you believe all documents should have same icon set?

Or do you think I should just use the default oxygen icon set from the KDE SVN for both MS Office and OpenOffice.

Your viewpoint would be good and I will be interested to see what you think.

Thanks again for the feedback - Jun 14 2009
Thanks for the heads up - Jun 14 2009