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Oct 16 2006
Great, modification now in SVN. - Oct 17 2006
Hrmm, apparently you've gotten almost all the way to getting Reavel compiled but are failing during linking because it cannot find various libtiff symbols. You must have the libtiff includes installed to have gotten this far. Oh jeesh. I bet I know the problem, I hadn't tested compiling Reveal dynamically under Linux.

If you look under projects/libraries.pri under the linux section you'llnotice I didn't add a rule for linking with libtiff . try adding the following to the top of the libraries.pri file:

contains(CONFIG, libtiff) LIBS += -ltiff

Please let me know if that fixes the problem so I can patch the code in SVN - Oct 16 2006
Instead of say "Build will require XXX" I really should print out "Build will USE XXXX". Those are not error messages, they're just announcements, letting you know we'll be linking against those libraries. Try running make and make install. Building will probably work just fine.

Another user made the same comment. He was sure somethign was not working properly when everything was fine. I've changed the code in SVN such that future releases will be less confusing. - May 10 2006
You need to download the latest exiv2 sources from Andreas's svn respository, then edit to point to the correct location to find the includes libraries when linking. In the future building Reveal will bemuch easier when exiv2 includes a tool for determing this information automatically much like the xml2 and xslt libraries do today. Sorry about this.

exiv2 web site:

svn command to get latest code (0.7 will NOT work)
svn checkout svn:// .

-will - Oct 28 2005
Album Shaper

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Apr 11 2005
I've taken the word processor approach, which I think is best for now since many people create many albums. In the future this may change, and if so you'll be a happy man. Until then, save your wrist some work and just hit Ctrl+1 to load most recent album when you start up. Ctrl+2, 3, and so on should also work. ;-) - Apr 11 2005
Several users have asked for this functionality, and I looked into it for 2.1. Unfortunately, supporting importing both files and directories within the same add dialog (which would be optimal IMHO) is hokey using the Qt file dialogs. I'd also prefer to provide native KDE file dialogs (also requested) for KDE'ers, especially since KDE provides nice way to extend such dialogs for adding stuff like improved file previes, etc. I've marked this request as a much have under the future tasks list that all can now follow by visiting:

If I've forgotten a feature request anyone has sent me in the past it is not intentional. Send me a message and I'll be sure to update this list. - Apr 11 2005
This problem is now fixed in CVS. Thank you for reporting it. - Mar 16 2005
Just checked the necessary changes into CVS. You can now easily change both where the binary and where the resources are installed, and now the defaults are /usr/bin and /usr/share. Other minor errors like qmake trying to strip the install script are also fixed. - Mar 15 2005
I just realized this problem (you have to modify the main.cpp file) myself. Thanks for pointing this out. I'm refactoring the and main.cpp files a bit right now and will post again here when a fix is in CVS so you can more easily change the install locations. The pro file will be a lot simpler now too. You should not need to update the .xcode files though. If you want to compile Album Shaper using xcode run the "createXCodeProject" script. Somehow I doubt many people will be compiling Album Shaper from source for their OSX systems since I provide a binary for them already... - Mar 15 2005
If you want to install Album Shaper to a location other than /usr/local/[bin:share] then just edit the file and replace all references to these paths, rerun qmake, then do a Make install. I'll see if I can refactor the .pro file a bit so you can specify this in one place up top. I always found /usr/local/ to be the standard place to put user centric software I'm an old Slackware user. Where do most people install stuff these days? - Mar 15 2005
I'm glad you like Album Shaper, especially the editing work that makes up the majority of what is new in this release. Usability is a big deal to me, so the fact that you think AS is "top notch" in this regard means a lot to me.

Your confusion with the save-dialog is not unheard of. I'm toying with the idea of rolling my own filedialogs. I'm seriously thinking of moving from a album based approach to a central photo library in the future which would mean save/load dialogs would be a think of the past.

Regarding setting album/collection photos, I've tried my best thus far to make it intuitive, but I guess I can still improve more. Drag-n-drop is a big win, and replacing one image with a new one helps. Having a default image that does not get used confuses people so I don't do that anymore. Have you found the right-click context menu that can also be used to set these images?

I'm not sure what you mean exactly about the "what's this" functionality. I have tooltips all over right now. Perhaps you turned them off in the settings?

I can't agree with you more about printing though. Not only will be this useful, but I'm looking forward to hacking it up since there is a small problem of how to optimize fitting photos onto pages to facilitate using the most paper, making cutting the out easier, and also making it easy for the user to pick how big each photo would be (why print 4x6's, than 5x7's, why not print all of them at the same time and have Album Shaper help you figure out how to lay them out on the paper). While it's not printing functiality yet, I've put in a DPI warning system when cropping to aspect ratios and you can now export photos so you can print them with other software on your machine. In time... ;) - Mar 14 2005
Good idea! Opening recent albums will be easier than ever in the next release. Check out a screenshot at: - Jan 30 2005
I suggest you write the Metalic theme's author and ask him!

Christian Sandberg
cs (at) d-play (dot) com

I'm busy working on the final touches of the next release, but if you are really interested try checking out the Slick theme source and try patching the Metalic theme to provide slideshows too. You can learn more about making your own theme here: - Jan 30 2005
I like your ideas. I've been reading the recently published Qt book and the recent files (or in this case albums) feature under the file menu is something that struck me as kinda cool. Thanks for your input. :)
-Will - May 21 2004
Using Album Shaper 1.0 this problem is fixed by running qmake a second time before running make install.
-Will - May 10 2004
I've finally gotten to the bottom of this problem. Try grabbing the latest file from cvs or cutting and pasting it from here:*checkout*/albumshaper/albumshaper/ - Apr 16 2004
Collection icons are QIconViewItems contained by a QIconView. In order to obtain the rounded effect (and mouse over and different selection colors) I had to subclass QIconView and QIconViewItem. The rounded effect specificially was obtained with some careful painting in the QIconViewItem subclass I wrote. Album Shaper uses pure Qt code (no kde libs) in order to be easily cross platform compilable but this effect could be abstracted and put into the kdelibs I suppose. Right now the height of the selection is carefully calibrated so that 2 lines of text will fit on the right. If you change your default font size and restart Album SHaper you'll actually see these selection areas get bigger! Any port to kdelibs should probably be abstracted a bit more in order to allow a variable number of lines of text to be used. I have never had any direct contact with the kde community. I'm not sure where I should speak up in order to accomplish the task you propose... - Apr 16 2004
I' ve run into that and Ican't recally why it happens. You can safely do a "cp bin/AlbumShaper* /usr/local/bin/." to copy the two files (AlbumShaper and AlbumShaper.bin) into /usr/local/bin. After that you should be able to run it just fine. You can also run it from the directory in which you compiled it by typing bin/AlbumShaper.
-Will - Feb 10 2004
Right now that is hard coded. If you open /src/config.h and edit the #defines you can change the sizes of these images. I don't suggest this but you can do it. :) In the future I plan to add the ability for the user to set his own defaults. This most likely will come after 1.0 since it is a slightly larger change. - Jan 11 2004

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Apr 13 2006
KStars is an excellent program and has been for some time now. Definately one of the more professional qt apps out there. - Jan 10 2004