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by xbee
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Jul 19 2014
if you go to the ~/.config/TheHive directory, I think you can find a HotShot.conf and a HotShots.conf. The previous preferences files hasn't the right name and was change. I completely forgot about this change but I think this is your problem. - May 21 2014
Hotshot isn't a real vector editor, just an annotation editor, so I don't want to support all the inkscape features ...

P.S.: your snapshot is a bit unreadable ... - May 19 2014
Undo is planned but i've some problem with this feature, it's not as easy as I think ... - May 19 2014
and works also with opensuse 12.1 ... ?!? - May 14 2014
Works on Ubuntu 12.10 ... - May 14 2014
Strange ? I've just check on window with the 2.1.0 release and it's working. I will try on ubuntu .. - May 14 2014
The problem is that free services change their parameters occasionally, and it's very painful to follow each services. Use services with credential is a bit more complicated but it's in the todo list ... - May 14 2014
Thank you for feedback. The problem is in the .pro file and is not new, I've updated the src archive in SF. - Feb 16 2014
Thanks ! - Aug 30 2013
Oops, I've forget this file in the archive. I've updated the archive on SourceForge, so please upload the new version. - Aug 30 2013

Utilities 15 comments

by xbee
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May 03 2012
... and the next release is out ! - May 07 2012
This feature is planned for the next release .. :) - May 01 2012
? I've try this release on 12.04 with virtualbox and I have not been able to detect any problems. You can launch syncwall on a console to have a log ? Or launch a debug build in gdb or valgrind ? - Apr 06 2012
I think that the 1.4.0 release will corect that effect. Have a try ! - Apr 03 2012
You must shared the files between your network (with quite the same structure). There is'nt any automatic transfert of file between server and clients. Perhaps in a future release ... - Feb 07 2012
Now, you can create one file by monitor, so you can assign these files to each activity (in KDE4, one monitor = one activity). I known, it's not a full support for multi monitor but it's a first step for KDE4 ... - Jan 23 2012
I haven't test the multimonitor on Linux, only on Seven. I've a dual monitor configuration and it seems to work. I can't test now but I've created a ticket on SF for that
Thank for the bug report - Jan 20 2012
Do you use KDE4 ? I've currently a problem with KDE4 but I've found a workaround by setting manually the current wallpaper to the generated one (locate in $HOME/.SyncWall/dynamic_wallpaper.png). It's not very clean but it works. - Jan 20 2012

by MBex

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Aug 29 2013

by MBex

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9   Apr 20 2013