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Pierre PINON
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Plasma 4 Extensions 124 comments

Score 65.6%
May 06 2010
It's a good plasmoid !
Thanks... - May 04 2010

System Software 2 comments

by xes
Score 50.0%
May 24 2008
On Windows, we need to use hwlayout...
Please use the last svn version to fix it ! - May 27 2008

Card 15 comments

by xes
Score 50.0%
Jun 09 2010
You need to have a g++ compiler.
If you want ask me an other question : please use my email : - Dec 15 2007
Not for the moment but it's realy easy to build my software ;-)

For the moment, I only distribute Debian and windows packages and sources. - Dec 15 2007
Thx for your comments ;-) - Apr 06 2007
I will fix the problem with minimum stack.

For your other problem. I think that it's strange. The small blinds cannot be equal to the big blinds normaly, nonetheless I will change it. - Apr 03 2007
I will add this option in the next version.

Thanks for your comments :D - Mar 27 2007
I will make it in the next version. - Mar 14 2007
Ultimate Pokerclock

Card 3 comments

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Apr 03 2007
Don't be afraid because there isn't really a critic.

That's poker ;-) - Mar 30 2007
I'm the pokerclock coder (
The first screenshot with the tool bar on the left has the look of my software. ;-)
And there are some pictures that I've created on inkscape.

:D - Mar 29 2007

System Software 19 comments

by xes
Score 50.0%
May 24 2008
1 : I'm going to make this in the next version.That's a good suggestion.

2 : I've had a problem with qt4 and kde3. I need a kdelib3 for made it but kdelib3 is built with qt3 and there is a conflict. I'm looking for fix it.

Thanks for your comments ;-) - Mar 28 2007
I thought that isn't necessary.

I added the link but I don't rebuild debian package because there aren't difference in Linux. - Mar 28 2007
There isn't "qmake" on your Linux, therefore you must install it before install.

I don't know whose package it is in Mandriva.

You can look for that surely with command "urmpi".

Is Qmake it present on your computer? (Try to enter "qmake" in consol)

If it's not Ok, send me an EMail here : (Please remove NOSPAM in my address for reply) - Mar 14 2007
Thanks ;-) - Mar 14 2007
I think you must use libqt-4.2

Next, tell me if you have a problem for make program with libqt-4.2. - Mar 01 2007
superkaramba themes, kicker, konsole, etc... don't use a true transparency. It's a screenshot of wallpaper.

I look for make a "false" transparency but it's "deprecated"

For the taskbar, I will make this but it's not easy for the moment for make it in kde3.5 (it's not possible to use libkde4 in kde3) and windows. - Feb 23 2007
The transparency doesn't work because you don't enable composite in Xorg + transparency in your desktop. (In kde, configure your windows manager kwin).

You also enable transparency if you install compize/beryl.

++ - Feb 23 2007
Oups ! Sorry. It's solved. - Feb 21 2007
I don't use kwin. I use emerald on Beryl. - Feb 20 2007

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 383 comments

by motyR
Score 50.0%
Feb 20 2006
Why it's in "Native KDE 3.2+" ?? - Feb 21 2007
Vista Impossible

Cliparts 34 comments

Score 58.0%
Feb 15 2007
;-) - Feb 21 2007