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Tian-Min Yan

Science by vasilief 10 comments

I am a user, and I found this work is great! I want to visualize the 3D data with the surface plot. Anyway, the raw data was stored as a typical 3-column table as following:

x(1) y(1) z(1,1)
x(1) y(2) z(1,2)
x(1) y(3) z(1,3)
x(2) y(1) z(2,1)
x(2) y(2) z(2,2)
x(2) y(3) z(2,3)

I know there exists an item as "Convert to Matrix" under the menu "Table". I tried to convert the 3rd column (z) to a matrix - if it works, obviously i will get the 3D graphic option for further plot. Unfortunately, it failed to give a 3x2 matrix but keeps the same form as the table. I am wondering whether there is some method to realize the conversion, or some way to visualize this 3-column data easily?

Tianmin - May 31 2010