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I and my body

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Dec 27 2006
ohh it is so important what U think, so U must wrigt it 2 times, hihihhihih - Oct 05 2006
Not I but You must think twice (or iven more times).
You write here that comment: "
Can I upload the photos of my last holiday here? No! this is not imageshack nor flickr"
But why You don't write the same e.g. there:
I think You have problem with only my content on kde-look. Why? No becose there is nothink with KDE (look at screenshot 1) - there is KDE. - Sep 28 2006
Sam jestes oblesny czeresniaku z Koziej Woli ;p Naucz sie angielskiego pruku bo tu nada po angielskiemu ;p - Sep 22 2006
Żenujące są takie komentarze ;p - Sep 12 2006
What are these photos doing here? You can put photos here but I can't?? Only You can photo himself and upload it here?
You are admin of this site?? - Sep 11 2006
My email adres is OK. - Sep 04 2006
"Just to make things clear in those pictures its you???"

Yes, it is I. - Aug 29 2006