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Matteo Pasotti , Italy

Various Games by xquiet 6 comments

Forgot to reply to the FGFGSBIN question: there was a typo in the code, fixed in 0.99.14.
With version 0.99.14, if flightgear is now automatically detected, yaflight should show you a basic configuration dialog where you can specify the equivalent of the --fg-root option and the fgfs path. - Nov 05 2012

Various Games by xquiet 6 comments

Don't worry, your feedback is still usefull to me and I'm working to fix this issue related to the flightgear autodetection features provided by yaflight (ported from the old yaflight series).

Thank you for your time, hope next release will better fit your needs. - Nov 05 2012

Various Games by xquiet 6 comments

I'm currently not able to test directly on a OpenSuSE environment so I really need help from users like you to improve automatic setup. That's why I really appreciate your feedback! :)

The first problem seems to be related to the "built-in" paths yaflight search for flightgear root path. Can you tell me which is the default root path of the FlightGear installation, please? I mean where the rpm-based installation of FlightGear places directories like Aircrafts, Airports, Astro, Docs and so on.

The second one should be directly connected to the first one: solving the first should solve it cascading, because yaflight will be able to build the airports index.

I think you should be able to workaround this issue editing manually the configuration file ~/.yaflight/conf.ini, setting up something like this:


I've already planned to integrate an easy way to do it via the gui itself, but I had no much time to work on it.

About screen resolutions, it's just a matter of portability and time to work on it :)
But I like your suggestions, so I'll work on improving screen resolutions support into the next releases.

Regards - Nov 02 2012
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