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Taqi Raza
Windows 8.1 Cursor

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Jan 07 2018
You can make copy of cross file change its name to left_ptr and then replace it to cursor folder if you want it to be main cursor shown but it will not aligned properly as they are compiled at different pointer location well. - Mar 10 2017
its same cross, well from above cursor photo bottom left 2nd one is crosshair and third one is cross which you are asking these are inside cursor folder as stated file names. - Mar 02 2017
OSX El Capitan

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Jan 07 2018
Anyways I've Added temporary download link in description so enjoy. - Jul 07 2016
Thank you, Looks like this site has problems regarding files tab it shows on tab that exact number of files when opened nothing is really there, but I did re-uploaded but still not showing it, sigh.. - Jul 07 2016