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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 178 comments

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Oct 20 2005
Just the feature I was looking for! Thank you! - Jul 16 2005
I think it's working now. Good job. And thanks for a great tool. - May 22 2005
0.4.1 is a noticable improvement, but I don't think the case sensitivity is quite right yet. From my experiments, kio-locate makes a case-insensitive search if there are capital letters in the search term, and a case-sensitive search if the search term is completely lower case. I can force case-insensitive searches to take place every time by adding -i in the Additional Arguments, but this means I can never make a case sensitive search.

The filters seem to work in a similar way: a capital letter makes the filter case-insensitive and no capital letters (all lower-case) makes it case sensitive.

In other words, the cases of search terms and filters work oppositely to how they should.

Is anyone else experiencing this? - May 22 2005
If you're using slocate, you may need to set SECURITY="0" /etc/updatedb.conf. - May 22 2005
At the command line, if I want to filter the results of locate I use grep. One important element of this is that the case sensitivity of these two commands are distinctly separate. If I run "locate -i searchterm | grep FilterTerm" and "locate SearchTerm | grep -i filterterm" I will get different results.

In kio-locate, the case sensitivity of terms and filters appear to be combined. I would like to be able to type "locate:searchterm /home/user/Directory" into the Konqueror location bar and have a case insensitive search for "searchterm" be made in the "/home/user/Directory" directory. Instead, the capital "D" in the filter turns the entire query into a case-sensitive search, even though "searchterm" is completely in lower case. A workaround would be to convert "/home/user/Directory" into lower-case, but that is hardly intuitive and it would not work if the search term contained any upper-case letters (since that would make the filters case-sensitive as well).

The solution, from what I can see, is to make the filters independent of the search term, much in the same way that grep is distinct from locate. - May 15 2005
I have been told that this is normal behaviour when one substitutes locate for slocate. slocate does not have --ignore-case. - May 14 2005
I'm running Gentoo, and I noticed that kio-locate 0.3.4 and 0.4.0 are always in case-sensitive mode. In fact, it is impossible to force kio-locate to make a case-insensitive search, even with 0.3.4's ilocate function.

The solution I found (for 0.4.0) is to edit the src/locater.cpp source file. Move down to line 53, which reads

  m_process << "--ignore-case";

Change this to read:

  m_process << "-i";

At least on Gentoo, there is no --ignore-case modifier for slocate. - May 14 2005
Optimise Compression

Dolphin Service Menus 22 comments

by Yama
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Jan 31 2009
Do you have optipng installed into your PATH? - May 22 2005
Obviously, results will vary depending on the file you use. That is why I provide separate optipng and advancecomp options instead of lumping them them together into one command (as one user has requested). All I can suggest is that you experiment and find what's best for you. - May 21 2005
Thanks for letting me know. I had tried using "konsole -e" before (in KDE 3.3), but it didn't work. It seems to work well in KDE 3.4, so you can expect it to be in version 1.5. - May 15 2005
I have looked into pngcrush and I've concluded that it is not worth adding. The document "A guide to PNG optimisation" [] explains how OptiPNG outperforms pngcrush both in speed and in file size. Pngcrush has not been modified since 2002, so it is effectively a dead project. OptiPNG does optimisations in memory, and is able to overwrite the original file. Pngcrush must write to a separate file, making file conversions unnecessarily complicated (you need to manually delete the original file and rename the new one to take its place). - May 15 2005
What are you talking about? Service menus are automatically added to both kde-look and kde-apps. - May 08 2005
Applying OptiPNG followed by AdvanceCOMP on a PNG can deliver far superior compression over simply saving as compression=9, without any loss in quality. This is especially useful if you want to host a large picture on the Internet -- a smaller file will download faster.

OptiPNG is a (superior) replacement for (the seemingly unmaintained) Pngcrush. AdvanceCOMP is something completely different -- it converts the Ziv-Lempel compression to 7-Zip, thereby squeezing things even more.

Obviously nobody is forcing you to use these tools. If you don't have the patience to use these tools, don't use them. But it would be ridiculous to deny that they are capable of creating significantly smaller file sizes. They don't always (that depends on the properties of the file you are working on), but often they do. - Nov 08 2004
Good idea.

My initial hope was to display the advpng output in a terminal, but the "Terminal=true" option doesn't seem to work in service menus.

I'll see what I can do. - Nov 04 2004
ps2pdf service menu

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May 06 2005
Here's a better version:

ps2pdf "%u" "`echo "%u" | sed -e 's/.ps/.pdf/g'`"

This version has some benefits over the one in the parent post and the original version. Firstly, it works with long filenames (the parent post doesn't).

Secondly, like the parent version it is totally automatic. There is no prompting for a filename; the original name is kept but the extension changes to pdf. Since we're in KDE, renaming the new file is easy (there's no need to prompt). This feature also allows many PDF files to be created at once. Just select as many .ps files as you want and run this service on them. Easy. - Mar 14 2005

Cursors 4 comments

by Yama
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Jun 24 2004
I don't have much time to make a grey theme, but I've added a link to the source files so that you may make your own variation. - Jun 29 2004
open with Kwrite

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Oct 24 2004
Why not associate the files with KWrite, then? Here's how to do it:

1. Open the "File Associations" manager (either from the Konqueror preferences or from Kcontrol)

2. Select "All" -> "allfiles"

3. In the pane on the right, click "Add" and find KWrite in the application tree. Select it and click OK.

4. Click OK to save the file associations.

Now you can right-click any file and select KWrite from the "Open With" menu. If you set KWrite to be at the top of the list, it should automatically open the file if you middle-click it in Konqueror.

This is the way you are supposed to associate applications. Service menus are meant to be used for special functions/actions, not simple file associations. - Jun 27 2004
Why not use "Open With" -> "KWrite" ? If KWrite isn't available for that file type it can be added using the File Associations manager. - Jun 27 2004
Compare Text

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by Yama
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Jun 21 2004
Open "comparetext.desktop" and change the line




I can't guarantee it will work properly, though. Note that Kdiff3 cannot compare more than three files at once. - Jun 21 2004
Blue Glass XCursors 3D

Cursors 54 comments

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Jun 28 2003
I've created my own Blueglass theme. It's just a blue version of the Redglass theme which comes bundled in XFree86 and - Jun 21 2004
No offence, but I don't think the name of this theme is appropriate. "Blue Glass" implies some relation to the "Whiteglass" and "Redglass" themes included in XFree86 4.3/4.4 and 6.7. The name should be reserved for a blue version of those two themes.

While I'm on the topic, does anybody know where I can get a blue version of the Whiteglass/Redglass themes? - Jun 19 2004
Xcursor Theme Tutorial !!!

Cursors 7 comments

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Mar 18 2004
Ignore the icon I picked for the above post. I wanted to pick a smiley face and I accidentally picked a frownie instead. - Jun 20 2004
I'm a sucker for translucency. Is there any change we can see a version of the Mivie theme with more translucency effects? I would expecially like the main pointer to be slightly translucent.

Thanks! - Jun 20 2004
Hidden inside this download is one of the best cursor themes I've ever seen. The tutorial is great (and I've used it to create a few themes of my own), but it's a shame that the Mivie cursor theme is overshadowed by it.

I would suggest to the author that he/she submit Mivie seperately as a cursor theme. I'm sure that many people will love it. - Jun 20 2004
Kim (Kde Image Menu)

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Feb 23 2009
Yes. The file should be renamed to have a .tar extension. The .tar.gz extension is misleading and confusing. - Jun 20 2004
SignalOS Cursors

Cursors 19 comments

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May 11 2003
Great theme. Just a few suggestions:

1. The cursors are far too big. Please have a smaller version (32x32 would be good).

2. It would be nice if they were more translucent, like the Whiteglass theme that comes with XFree86

3. How about having versions of the theme with different colours? You could have blue, red, green, etc. variants. - Jun 19 2004
Edit as Root

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Jul 04 2004
Same problem here. - Jun 18 2004
Anti-SCO Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other 16 comments

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May 17 2003
PCLinuxOnline [ ] has been hosting a boycott against SCO for a while now:

There is a petition asking SCO to end the litigation at

(sorry for the double post) - May 17 2003
PCLinuxOnline [ ] has been hosting a boycott against SCO for a while now:

There is a petition asking SCO to end the litigation at - May 17 2003