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Yannick Cholette MontrĂ©al, Canada
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Simple System Monitor

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by yanos
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Sep 29 2005
Hi there! here are the sources: - May 08 2017
I'm not very good with the automake/configure stuff, but it seems you have some apps missing from your system (aclocal-1.7 and automake-1.7). I'll look into it more closely, but like I said I don't fully understand all of this, so I'm glad you found a workaround :)

Aside from your compile problems, thanks for the suggestions, they are actual good ideas. I might have some time to work on this project next week, so keep an eye open.

yann - Dec 24 2005
Thank you! The fact that this applet simply ignore the panel's background image is a known problem. The thing is, I'm not sure what is the best way to do it, so it might take a while before I make it work. - Jan 11 2005
I'm not good with the whole automake-autoconf-configure suite, so I don't know where to look to resolve your problem. Please try the new version (0.91), maybe you won't have this problem again. If it still doesn't work, I'll look more closely on this issue. - Jan 11 2005