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Chris Young , United States of America
Google Hangout Emojis Complete

Emoticons 11 comments

by gcala
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Dec 19 2014
No matter what I try, there's always over 100 incorrect emoji:

I've tried extracting the archive outside of the emoticons folder, setting the file to be read-only, and then moving it in, but it still ends up having these errors. - May 22 2016
At least on Arch Linux, the location is ~/.local/share/emoticons - May 22 2016

Amarok 1.x Scripts 274 comments

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Oct 20 2007
I've since found this and it did stop that error from popping up, but I still have errors popping up at times saying something like "try removing or reducing covers"? (Can't remember exact wording) - Feb 22 2009
I don't know where to get kdebindings3-python. I'm using openSUSE 11.1 with KDE4, and it's not in the repositories. It seems it's necessary to get rid of the very noticeable lag I have. - Feb 01 2009
I did install that (it's python-kde3 on Ubuntu), and while I think all these things have helped, the lag is still there. Upon further investigation (which I should have done in the first place), I found this:
(Maybe you've seen that already?)

So I realize it's impossible for this external script to be entirely lag-free. Maybe one of the developers will finally add to 2.0 what's been requested for nearly four years now.

Thanks for making this script, by the way. It's not a perfect solution, of course, but it's a good temporary one. - Aug 01 2008
Even after setting up MySQL for the Amarok collection and keeping Amarok to the tray, even while there are no demanding applications running, there is a delay to the volume change in Amarok after a new track begins. The ReplayGain tag is just a value for volume adjustment, right? Why can't the script have the volume adjusted before the track begins? Or is there something wrong on my end? - Jul 30 2008