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Pawel Stolowski Bydgoszcz, Poland
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System Software 134 comments

by yogin
Score 58.0%
Jun 30 2010
I'll consider it. Not a bad idea, however I'm not sure if I should duplicate browser's functions (the browsers offer option to clear the cache and keep the cache within certain size). Anyway, thanks, we'll see... - Sep 13 2005
Sure, I want to add 'Select All', 'Clear selection', 'Invert selection' etc. - Sep 03 2005
I just noticed I accidently placed kleansweep-helper script in wrong directory ($PREFIX/sbin). As a result kleansweep can't find it. Please manually move kleansweep-helper from $PREFIX/sbin to $PREFIX/bin ($PREFIX is the installation prefix, e.g. /usr), this should fix the problem. It will be fixed in next version. - Sep 03 2005
Yes, I know. They will be fixed soon. - Sep 03 2005

Audioplayers 574 comments

Score 77.0%
Aug 01 2011
Simply the best music player in my humble opinion... Do you consider adding support for Creative players (like Zen Xtra), just like you support iPod now? This could be (easily?) done with libnjb library (have a look at kzenexplorer project). This is the only thing missing in Amarok for me! Thanks for this great project! - Sep 06 2005

Graphic Apps 164 comments

by yogin
Score 76.7%
Jul 08 2011
The maintainer of Debian package created package for Ubuntu 5.04. You can find it here: - Jul 30 2005
I see a newer version of bn_have_qt autoconf macro is available (it provides qt detection); I'll include it in qcomicbook 0.2.3, maybe it helps. Anyway, if you find a solution for ubuntu, put it here or email me. - Jun 24 2005
Please try to run ./configure with "--with-Qt-lib-dir=/usr/lib" option. Ubuntu is just like Debian, maybe some Debian user could shed some light? - Jun 22 2005
This is could be a nice feature. For now however I want to focus on viewing abilities and stability, so that qcomicbook would be an ultimate comicbook viewer for linux ;). I'll consider this feature in the future. Thanks for your idea. - Jun 21 2005
Japanese mode for now makes sense only in two-pages mode; then it swaps pages. Your suggestion is ok, I'll add scrolling to right corner in this mode. Thanks. - Jun 20 2005
You may search for mandrake package (and also for rpms for other distros) using this search engine: I see the latest version is already available. - May 14 2005
As far as I remember binary package is available in Mandrake Cooker repository (search main Mandrake site for links). However, their version may not be up-to-date, so you may want to download & compile source package by yourself. - May 14 2005
Hmmm, I can't reproduce your error... Can anyone else confirm such problem? Could you check if archive was decompressed correctly (check contents of /tmp/qcomic-*) and see if file permissions are ok there?; please report if problem was found. You may also try the current work-in-progress version of qcomicbook - and see if it helps. - Apr 22 2005
Yes, I'll probably add support at least for KDE file dialog; this and any other KDE features will be optional at compile-time, so Qt will be enough for compiliation. KDE will be supported as soon as I discover how to extend my current autoconf script for it ;) - Apr 06 2005
Are you sure you have $QTDIR set to /opt/qt-3.4? If so, configure script should pick it up without problems. I had similiar issue with on Slackware 10.0 some time ago; it was caused by missing symlink to (or something like this, I don't remember); Making -> symlink and running 'ldconfig' should be enough. You may haven't noticed this problem before as many programs are linked with (not I think this is the case. - Mar 09 2005
Ok, I've updated 0.1.5 src package with above includes added, so anyone having troubles with compilation of this version please download the tar.gz file again. I hope it solves the issues mentioned above. There are *NO* other changes, so you don't need to download/recompile again if you don't have theses errors. - Mar 08 2005
Well, it seems I made too much cleanups in the source... There are no problems with compilation under Fedora Core 3; also, debian package maintainer reported no problems, so it may be an issue with certain Qt releases. Could you check, if this src tarball: compiles fine on your box (it is just 0.1.5 witch #include "stdlib.h" added)?
Regarding your second question: configure script uses BNV_HAVE_QT macro by Bastiaan N. Veelo; this macro uses $QTDIR environment variable which should point to Qt installation directory (qt packagers usually set it in e.g. /etc/profile.d/; see Qt installation docs for explanation of $QTDIR). If not set, the macro tries to guess Qt location with certain checks (you may have a look at acinclude.m4 file for these checks). - Mar 08 2005
Ooops, that's right. Already corrected. Anyone who downloaded qcomicbook before 05:27 (US time) please download again. - Mar 08 2005
Wow, that's really great! The problems you mentioned are caused by few non-portable things in qcomicbook. For example, rar/unrar and zip/unzip are searched for using PATH environment variable; bookmarks are stored in ~/.qcomicbook directory (LOGIN env var is used for this) etc. So it could be easily ported with small fixes. For now however I'm focused on adding new features. - Mar 05 2005
This is very strange. Do other keyboard shortcuts work in fullscreen? Can you exit fullscreen mode with ESC? - Feb 17 2005
Ok, I found the problem with bookmarks that you described. Nothing happens if you select bookmark for a comicbook that *is* already opened, right? - Jan 23 2005
Yes, there was a subtle bug with scrollbars, thanks for pointing it. But I can't reproduce your problem with bookmarks. Bookmark should take you directly to the bookmarked page (it is not just a reminder); it works for me. Can you see if it happens for every comic book, or just for some? - Jan 23 2005
Ok, I think I have solved both issues. Can you check if it works now? Here is link to patched version: - Jan 22 2005
Ok, I think I found the cause. This is trivial, I don't add "x" option to 'unrar' (it is added to 'rar')... - Jan 21 2005
Yes, opening files from command line will be present in qcomicbook 0.1.3 for sure. - Jan 21 2005
Starting in previously opened dir, list of recently opened archives/dirs in file menu and bookmarks are on the top of my current TODO. These features should be present in next version. There is no kde-like file browser because qcomicbook is pure Qt application - kde is not required to compile and use it. - Jan 12 2005
Yes, I know what you mean. It is a bit inconvenient for know; that's why this option is disabled by default. The only way I can improve it for now is to jump to bottom of previous page (when scrolling up). Real continuous scrolling (that gives a feel like all pages are linked together on one big sheet and you can see next/prev page when scrolling) seems to be difficult for now. - Jan 11 2005
Yes, these are good ideas too. Thanks! I suppose you meant CDisplay for windows? - Jan 09 2005
Thanks for your ideas! I'll add these features in next versions. Bookmarks won't be that difficult... - Jan 08 2005

Chat & Messenging 11 comments

by yogin
Score 50.0%
Jul 19 2005
Yes, I'll consider kopete plugin - probably when moving to Qt4 and also rewriting some parts of the code for better core vs gui separation. - Jul 20 2005 seems to have problems with webpages syncing through cvs and vyqchat homepage is not up-to-date. In case anyone wants to download the newest vyqchat-0.2.7, please use direct download link from this page, or go to download area using this link: - Jan 02 2005 seems to have problems with webpages syncing through cvs and vyqchat homepage is not up-to-date. In case anyone wants to download the newest vyqchat-0.2.7, please use direct download link from this page, or go to download area using this link: - Jan 02 2005
Well, I wanted VyQChat to be KDE-independent. The only requirement is Qt and nothing more. Kopete plugin however is a nice idea, maybe I'll add it in the future as optional compile-time option. - Jan 02 2005