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Zafer Kandemir Aachen, Germany

Browser by Hwoarang 35 comments

thank you! it it really nice, it was not comfortable to send everytime online from the webpage...

btw I ran it on Pardus, and had no problems
++ I just changed the voipdiscount settings in for lowratevoip
(easily replace all "voipdiscount" to "lowratevoip") and worked without any problems...

so thank you again - Sep 12 2007
Find in Menus (Mockup)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by panzi 7 comments

I agree that it would be much useful.
for me the text box is not a big problem to see, but if it is better to hide it somewhere, it could be as the one in thebat mail client...
just a question button next to minimize, maximize buttons and a dialog coming out after...
here is a screenshot from it..
- Sep 07 2007
Powered By Pardus

Cliparts by jkennedyjr 3 comments

Thank you!
I was looking for sth like that! - Mar 24 2007

Plasma 4 Extensions by stealth 28 comments

thanks I'm as well using it and now prepared the pisi package for pardus
here is the link...

- Mar 11 2007

Screensavers by MrMadPL 44 comments

here is the pisi package for pardus
arkadaşlar pardus kullanıcıları için pisi paketi

- Mar 09 2007