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Dec 26 2018
Please open the issue here: :) - Jul 27 2017
QMPlay2 version on your repo is old, do you want to update (Maybe you can just write me how to simply create a package using OBS)? I want to remove an account here (qt-apps/linux-apps), because the new page is horrible... Please write an email on write an issue on GitHub. - Jul 02 2016
I can test it on Ubuntu (VirtualBox) later.

So currently it is not possible to build for 14.04 using OBS?

Btw. the next QMPlay2 release will be able to use libgme on Ubuntu without modifying the config file. - May 28 2016
If your Ubuntu/Mint repo will be ready I'll add it to README, so you can send me the installation instruction :) - May 26 2016
Hmm, I don't know how the OBS works :D

If you have something - write an email - it is more convenient than comments :)

You can use libgme for Game-Music-Emu plugin, but you must modify the *.pro file (ubuntu libgme doesn't use PKGCONFIG).
In src/modules/Chiptune/ replace the message about missing libgme by:

LIBS += -lgme

and add the library to dependencies. - May 25 2016
Ok, so try to build the packages (see readme on github and current DEB packages and Arch PKGBUILD for more details) :)

For old Ubuntu you can just include FFmpeg libraries into one DEB package (like I did) and use LD_LIBRARY_PATH in script or use 'rpath' in ELF. This will not bring new dependencies. - May 25 2016
Mint 17.3 == Ubuntu 14.04: The package is ready (64-bit only)! - May 14 2016
Ubuntu packages are ready, please read the description (on qt-apps), download and use :) I hope it'll work... - May 14 2016
Hmm, OK. I'll try to build DEB using Qt4. Which Ubuntu version (or is it Debian or Mint)? - May 13 2016
I'm also using Arch (I don't know how to build DEB package, I don't want to learn and maintain the repo). I can at least build QMPlay2 and pack it to .tar.xz and describe which dependencies are needed.

You can read Ubuntu compilation instruction (Readme) on GitHub: - it is very simple since Ubuntu 15.04 (because it has FFmpeg instead of old LibAV).

Btw. why can't it be in Ubuntu/Debian official repo? - May 12 2016
I've updated the Readme. Now it describes how to compile QMPlay2 from sources on Ubuntu 14.04.

If you have more questions - write an email! - May 01 2016
I've never created rpm packages, especially debug packages.

Hmm, write an email. - Mar 11 2016

That makes sense, but it is not easy to implement in current QMPlay2 state especially for streamed video. I'll try to do something with this later...

Please write me an e-mail for more information :) - Feb 12 2016

I'll think about this. I've never used A-B repeat before (maybe once to look what is it many years ago :D). "[" and "]" are used for speed-up and slow-down playback.

What is the real use case of this? - Feb 11 2016
You can only loop a file, group or entire playlist. You can do it in "Player->Repeat" menu. - Feb 09 2016
Thanks :)

About translation - now the QMPlay2 source code has English strings, so it will be easier to translate the GUI! - Feb 08 2016
Ok thanks, but I read this message too late (before release 15.07.13) - Jul 12 2015
OK, i found it in messages. You're using Qt 5.2 or Qt 5.1?
QMPlay2 doesn't support Android. You must compile all dependencies and change source code. It should run after this on Android, but it will be unusable, because it doesn't support hardware video acceleration on Android and GUI is not designed for small touchscreens. - May 30 2015
I don't know. Please paste here the console output. Which OS? - May 30 2015
Ok, sorry :D - Jul 28 2014
Ok, I know that this is not good, but I don't want make new version because of .desktop files and recompile under Linux and Windows :D - Jul 28 2014
Thanks, uploaded new version under the same file name (14.07.28). - Jul 28 2014
Thanks, I'll try to add this feature soon :) But I haven't got free time now for this, because of projects and exams on university :( - Jun 06 2014
This patch modifies libavutil/utils.c, but QMPlay2 crashes at assert in libavcodec/utils.c. I can't compile QMPlay2 with 502512ea0f179165782777265f441d4061ff6012 commit (it seems like libav, but QMPlay2 needs ffmpeg). You must recompile QMPlay2 after updating ffmpeg, otherwise you can have strange software behaviour. - May 21 2014
OK, I'll check this tomorrow - May 20 2014
Ok, updated :D Try it and write me about the result :) - Feb 17 2014
I'll fix it today (QMPlay 14.02.17). Sorry for this, but I tested taglib1.8 ( and everything were ok. Today I noticed that taglib1.8 has bug in version definition in taglib.h (it has 1.7.0 version). But in opensuse and pclinuxos in taglib.h is correct, 1.8.0 version so my test was wrong. - Feb 17 2014
Sorry, but I've got the newest alsa-lib and I forgot try with older versions. I'll fix this tomorrow. - Jan 03 2014
Ok, it will be in next release :D - Jan 02 2014
Thanks :)
You can switch between tracks in "Informations" widget :) - Dec 24 2013
Edit "src/modules/" and remove "PulseAudio" from this file! I don't use the "USE" flag. - Dec 10 2013
I'll try to implement proxy server in next QMPlay2 release, thanks! - Sep 16 2013
I added the ALSA module for QMPlay2. - Sep 08 2013
OK, I try to add more sound outputs in the future, but I think portaduio (for ALSA, OSS, WinMM) and pulseaudio are sufficient, but I can try add plain ALSA output. - Jan 20 2013
Yes, You can build QMPlay2 without portaudio:
edit: "src/modules/" and remove "PortAudio".

Go to "Options->Settings", then open "General settings" tab and here you have "Subtitles encoding". If it doesn't work, write me. - Jan 20 2013
Mesa is OpenGL implementation and QtOpenGL needs OpenGL headers which are included in Mesa even if You use nVidia or Radeon drivers. - Jan 20 2013
I don't know. Have You got mesa package? - Jan 18 2013
You must paste here compilation errors, I've got Archlinux and everything compiles without errors! - Jan 17 2013
I don't know why your libraries doesn't work. I compiled FFMpeg 1.0.1 and everything is OK. What compiler do you use (GCC/MinGW version and configure parameters)? - Dec 25 2012
I use FFMpeg 1.0.0 under Windows now. I didn't try 1.0.1 under Windows, it will be in next release. But you have to check that FFMpeg can't decode audio or portaudio can't play audio. Look at Visualization and write me. - Dec 25 2012
Hi! If you want to compile QMPlay2 on your own under Windows write me an e-mail. It's not a simple task and as I remember, I can't use all the newest libraries and you must compile portaudio not with DirectSound, but WinMM with WDMKS (define PAWIN_USE_WDMKS_DEVICE_INFO) or use my libraries from my webpage. - Dec 25 2012
I've got Your email. I've got skype, is in my profile. - Oct 23 2012
Ok, write me an e-mail:, this is better way to talk than comments :D - Oct 23 2012
The old link doesn't exists. QMPlay2's source code will be archive from this version. I don't know why it doesn't compile. - Oct 23 2012
Because sourceforge isn't working now and this is the old link. Use this: - Oct 23 2012
Use this:$_name/$_name-src-22X2012.tar.bz2/download - Oct 23 2012
I don't know why is not working, could You send me your package? - Oct 23 2012
Here are two files, replace it and recompile QMPlay2. Write me about results. - Oct 23 2012
It's linker error. Hmmm, have You got correct system time? I think that some files are not compiled... Could You send me whole your package on e-mail? You can also try manually remove all "Makefile" and all "build" directories and "app" directory and all "*.o" files and then recompile or I send little modification two source files. - Oct 23 2012
I changed the function QMPlay2Core::run(). Now it takes 2 arguments. If You want to compile, clean all object files and sources, and then unpack the new sources. Write me about problems with compiling, linking and *.desktop files. - Oct 23 2012
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