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Apr 16 2011 - Apr 15 2010
Ummm no, it stops buffering when you press pause. I just tested it. - Sep 18 2009
OK, now I get it. It is not currently possible to do it with Phonon, because it does not report the buffering progress correctly. But you can still press pause, the video should continue to buffer (Though I'm not 100% sure...) - Sep 18 2009
Sorry, I don't understand your suggestion. Could you try to be more clear? - Sep 17 2009
Thank you for the packages. I added the link to the Minitube download page. Any chance of getting the RPMs into an officially supported repository? - Sep 14 2009
This has to do with your Phonon setup. Try to get help from the Fedora community. - Sep 08 2009
You're likely using the Xine engine. Try to use Gstreamer as recommended. - Sep 08 2009
Minitube loads videos in MPEG4 format H.264 video AAC audio. That's better than the FLVs you see on YouTube. You can also donate to make HD support happen. - Aug 31 2009