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by zenum
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May 17 2005
Thank's for letting us know about this issue! Can I just ask, was it just the icons that didn't install or was it also the .desktop file?

The .desktop file should have installed in the correct directory as it uses `kde-config --prefix` to find your kde directory...

The problem with the permissions have also been fixed. - May 18 2005
First of its a work in progress so I'm sorry if your dissapointed.
A proper source package with information about compilation will be made available as soon as possible. (If something is missing its because I quickly prepared it while SSHing from work during lunch break :P)

Secondly I already said in a previous post that it has been tested to work with gambas v1.0.x (not completely tested under 1.9.x).

In the info about this app it also says that it requires KDE 3.4.x. This is because we have only tested it with that version, it may or may not work with older versions.

And I don't know what Qt version it requires as that depends on the gambas version you have installed. - Apr 26 2005
We made KSvn using gambas (Basically its a strange mixture of visual basic and java)

You will have to download gambas (tested on version 1.0.x)

We are obviously not going to create a CVS repository for it as that defeats the purpose of ksvn, but we are looking at a public svn repository.

Keep looking at our page for details on this and other news. - Apr 26 2005
The source is now available on the sourceforge page.

You will need gambas to compile it. - Apr 25 2005
Well I suppose we could have not released anything at all until tonight.... but then the greater good would miss out on one day of ksvning :p (Assuming the deb package works for you)

While everyone waits for the source I recommend downloading Gambas (v1.0.x) as it is what we used for it.

I'm at work so no amount of whinging will get the source released any faster :p - Apr 25 2005
Sources will be made available this afternoon (Sydney Time).

Launch was a bit rushed last night so we didnt have time to package up all the source.

We also plan to make packages for other systems. - Apr 25 2005