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Plasma 4 Extensions

Plasma 4 Extensions 14 comments

by zhaoz
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Jan 06 2010
I tried some german and I had no problem. I also can use it with Chinese no problem. Can you give me some sample text?

Also, the plasmoid currently has no configuration interface, although it can look at your environmental variable for VISUAL, if that is set, it will attempt to use that as it's editor, otherwise, it will try to run /usr/bin/kate. If it's not there or your VISUAL is set to something that it can't open... then it will break.

Try doing `echo $VISUAL` in the CLI and see what it's set to. - Apr 05 2010
sorry, that is "a\nb\nc" - Dec 12 2009
Does it still not work for you?
I don't think it has to do with your locale.

Can you try doing this?

`echo -e "a\nb\c" >> ~/.nowdothis/todos`
remove nowdothis and add it again

Try clicking done.
If done works, then it's pretty obvious that it's just edit that doesn't work. Edit is very fragile right now, and depends on kate. I'll change that to use $VISUAL and $EDITOR at some point (hopefully soon). - Dec 12 2009
From terminal:

plasmapkg -i /path/to/nowdothis.plasmoid

You should also be able to do it from the "Add Widgets" window by selecting Install New Widget followed by "Install from local file" - Sep 26 2009
I've uploaded a minor fix, try it again. - Sep 21 2009
Didn't even think about that. Simple fix though. I'll have it up in a minute. - Jul 10 2009