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Jun 25 2007
You may want to use modified version of this cursors (some more cursors, better make script, etc.) made by Radek Dominiak - see

PS: I have seen some rpm's for suse on google, so try to look there.

Enjoy. - Jul 15 2007
Thank you guys for your ideas, I will think about them and as soon as it will be possible (I don't have enough time), I will try to make some of them. - Jun 28 2007
Great, thank you. It seems, that the "bug" is mentioned also here:

They link the reader to some symlinks at the changelog of 3D cursors (

Probably some of these lines

ln -s left_ptr_watch 08e8e1c95fe2fc01f976f1e063a24ccd
ln -s right_ptr arrow
ln -s cross crosshair
ln -s cross cross_reverse
ln -s right_ptr draft_large
ln -s right_ptr draft_small
ln -s cross plus
ln -s cross tcross
ln -s left_ptr top_left_arrow

When I will know (from someone) if it works, I will copy the missing files and add them to package. - Jun 24 2007
Well, it's not too hard, so I will think about that. But the most of users have 1024x768 or more, so I think it's not a big problem.

By the way, are you experiencing the same problem as mentioned above (problem with left_ptr_watch)? I'm a native windows users, so it's quite a big problem for me to test this thing. - Jun 24 2007
Thank you guys, I'm happy you like it.

I must admit, that I've been using Contrast Cursors for months, so the basic idea comes from them (it seems, that they have disappeared from Internet, but maybe you can find them still here:

Also thank you for posting that bug, will try to investigate (asap). - Jun 24 2007