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Plasma 5 Add-Ons 24 comments

by Zren
Score 77.1%
Oct 19 2019
In v8 I've made it default to using 40% of the textColor instead of the "button bg/outline color". It'll make the line much easier to see. The reason I didn't do this before was because I drew a rectangle with that color, but now I'm just showing a line on the left (or top) edge. This means the widget can't be used in the left or top corners of the screen, but I doubt people were using it in those locations anyways.

If the color is too bright, you can make it darker (or more transparent).

Making it a "glassy aero button" like win7 would be a bit of work since I haven't tried to do a glassy effect before. - Oct 19 2019
Just added my translation scripts. If you create an "es.po", I'll put it in the next version. - Oct 14 2019
Oh neat. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll do a little cleanup of the widget and add that in the next version. - Aug 11 2019
Simple Weather

Plasma 5 Weather 19 comments

by Zren
Score 72.2%
Jul 24 2019
You appear to not have the default weather widget installed, you need to have the kdeplasma-addons package, but it was broken up into 3-4 packages. You will need:

sudo apt install plasma-widgets-addons

Looks like I don't mention that in the widget's description, I'll add that now. - Oct 17 2019
You definitely have Qt installed. Just open the "Info Center" app to check.

It looks like Kubuntu 18.04 only has Frameworks 5.44, and the "checked" feature was added in 5.46 which is why it's not breaking earlier and complaining about Kirigami.FormLayout which was adding in Frameworks 5.42.

You can manually delete the outline control in:

and opening the config should work.


Normally I would recommend installing the Kubuntu Backports, as it looks like it has the KDE Frameworks 5.47. But since you still get Plasma Desktop 5.12 with the backports there isn't much point I think.

* plasma-framework 5.47.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu18.04~ppa1

I'm using the newer "plasma config" API, so I guess it's breaking. I could upload an older version of the widget without the "outline color" feature, or... just not using that api feature... lame. - Sep 27 2019
Sounds like the Kirigami API is different as I only bind to that signal in Kirigami.FormData.onCheckedChanged.

What version of kirigami do you have? It's part of KDE Frameworks (I'm using 5.61.0 in Manjaro). What Linux distro are you using? Also, what version of Qt do you have? - Sep 27 2019
A configurable font size for the min/max temp and the current condition text as been added to v6. - Jul 24 2019
The data source does not have the "current temp" data. It only has the current day's "forecast" data which includes the weather type, icon, and min + max temp. I already display the min/max temp, so I used today's "forecast icon".

The solution is to use another data source if one is available. - May 13 2019
System Monitor Dashboard

Plasma 5 Monitoring 31 comments

by Zren
Score 63.3%
Aug 17 2019
Can you take a screenshot with the "Spectacle" app (use the delay feature) and upload it to Paste the url to the image here. Are you using v2 or v3 of the widget? What GPU are you using (AMD / Nvidia / Intel)? - Oct 01 2019
You could also send me a PM via the OpenDesktop forum which you're already registered for. - Mar 03 2019
My email can be found at the top of any git patch. - Mar 02 2019
If you're willing to create a GitHub account, you can report each suggestion as a new issue.

If not, just make the long comment here, and I'll create the individual issues on GitHub for you like I did for the peerwal's bug report.
- Mar 01 2019
Tiled Menu

Plasma 5 Menus 179 comments

by Zren
Score 83.2%
Apr 04 2019
Sorry, I should have tested with a much larger number. You also have to remove the "Layout.maximumWidth: size" as well. Otherwise it will limit the width to the "panelIcon" size.

Here's what it looks like with my previous instructions. Notice how the button is about ~48px wide? That's because it's limited by the "System Settings > Icons > Configure Icon Size > Panel" size. It's more noticeable in my screenshot since my panel is only 30px tall so the icon is scaled down to ~24px.

Here's what it looks like when I delete Layout.maximumWidth: - Sep 19 2019
In: ~/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/com.github.zren.tiledmenu/contents/ui/LauncherIcon.qml
Layout.minimumWidth: {
case PlasmaCore.Types.Horizontal:
return height;
Layout.minimumWidth: {
case PlasmaCore.Types.Horizontal:
return 50 * units.devicePixelRatio;

Then restart plasmashell by logging out and back in or by running:
killall plasmashell; kstart5 plasmashell

Adjust 50 to something smaller if you want. - Sep 18 2019
Hmmm. Good point. There should be a minimum width when editing. The 4x4 grid makes things easier than just using the spinboxes for tile width/height, but it requires a certain amount of space. The grid stretches all the other textfields and the "Browse for bg image" button is hidden.

A workaround would be to widen the app list when editing the tiles, but that's cumbersome. - Sep 01 2019
TiledMenu uses a 60px sidebar button area, with 24px icons (18px padding).
Simple10 uses 50px sidebar button area, with 16px icons (17px padding).
It would be trivial to make those sizes configurable to the user. I do remember measuring a 50px wide sidebar on one Windows PC, so MS might have change the size.

He uses desktop theme svgs for button highlights, where as I tried to emulate the hover effects and animations. I never did get around to adding the hover effect to the sidebar though. - Jul 21 2019
The differences:

* Uses 'system-file-manager-symbolic' instead of 'folder-open-symbolic' for dolphin in the sidebar. Breeze does not have that symbolic icon, so it uses "system-file-manager" instead, which is the blue dolphin icon. You would need to use his icon theme to get that look.
* Uses 'configure-symbolic' instead of 'configure' for systemsettings in the sidebar. This is a gray icon in the default "Breeze" icon set, and will look ugly for most users unless they use his icon theme. The breeze icon needs fixing as it doesn't appear to follow the color scheme, which is a bug in breeze I think.
* Places the logout/power submenus above the buttons instead of on the side. Since it no longer needs to be the same height as the sidebar icons to look good, the height of the submenu items is shorter. The submenu popup also has top/bottom padding. The compact nature means the mouse has to travel less, making it more usable.

I may implement the submenu stuff, since it's more usable than it is currently. I rarely use the power button so I haven't been eating that dog food enough to be annoyed enough to change it.

I could ship and hardcode the symbolic system settings + dolphin icons I guess...


Other stuff:

* Removes the tile grid.
* Removes the "hover outline effect".
* Removes the ability to show category view, replacing the alphabetical view icon with the windows icon.
* Removed the default "windows white" search box theme, forcing it to use the "plasma desktop theme" style text field.
* Removed the panUp animation when you start a search. I could make the animation optional i guess.
* Forces the panel icon to be very large (same size as the sidebar icons) which may be larger than panel can support. Looks great when you have a thick panel though.


Tile Background Color

He's planning to have the icon bg color manually configured by the user, like my tile editor. Not knocking it, but ideally this would be automatically generated, with the option to manually override the color.
- Jul 21 2019
Screenshot? Take on with Spectacle then upload to and link the url here.

Have you tried changing the Search Box theme in Tiled Menu's settings from the default "Windows (White)" to your "Desktop Theme" search box theme? - Jul 21 2019
First make sure you've switched the Meta keybinding to be handled by Latte. There's a couple commands on it's wiki.

I'm not sure if Latte needs this, but open Tiled Menu's settings and make sure it has a Keyboard Shortcut like Alt+F1. Plasmashell needs a shortcut set, but I'm not 100% sure Latte does.

- Jul 14 2019
You can drag an app from the app list to the desktop (or the panel) to create a shortcut there. You can't currently drag a tile to the desktop though.

I purposely filtered out "Add to Desktop" to simplify the context menu, but you can edit:


To remove this line:

To test your change, run:
plasmawindowed com.github.zren.tiledmenu

Then relog to reload the panel. - May 11 2019
What do you mean exactly? Send "what" to desktop? Do you have a screenshot or youtube video to demonstrate what you want? - May 11 2019
There's no examples of using a KDE widget in other desktop environments, so no. You'd need to rewrite it in GTK3/Vala for Gnome/Mate/Cinnamon/Elementary, or C++ for XFCE. - Apr 03 2019
Debian Stretch has Plasma 5.8 still.

I try to code with the last Plasma LTS (Plasma 5.12 and Plasma 5.15). I've dropped support for Plasma 5.8 mostly because it depends on and old version of Qt and because Plasma's "App List API" changed in Plasma 5.9.

tiledmenu-v11-plasma5.6.plasmoid was the last version that supported Plasma 5.8, and it's probably missing a lot as I released that version 3 years ago.
- Mar 02 2019
What version of Plasma? What distro? Is there anything else it says? I assume you downloaded v29? - Mar 02 2019
Thanks for being a long time user! :]

I wrote up how to modify the widget to edit the `JumpToSectionView.qml` here: - Feb 09 2019


I agree that with macbreeze it is a bit hard to read.

There is "System Settings > Desktop Effects > Blur" but it will not affect the "Logout / Shutdown" popup in the sidebar. The "Logout" sidebar popup is not technically a window.

- Feb 04 2019
What Desktop Theme?
What Icon Theme?
Can you take a Screenshot? "Print Screen" =>

- Feb 04 2019
Event Calendar

Plasma 5 Calendars 448 comments

by Zren
Score 88.6%
Oct 06 2019
It follows your locale's default setting. If your locale's default is 12h and you set a 24h custom time format in the panel, it'll still use 12h in the tooltip. Unfortunately Qt doesn't have a "translated" 12h and 24h time formats for every locale. I'll have to think of a way to support that without needing to have translators do fill it out. - Aug 25 2019
How does this look for the tooltip?

I removed some whitespace, centered the timezones like digitalclock, bolded all the timezone labels, and used the short time format (without seconds). - Aug 25 2019
Ah, I guess we do need that. You can just delete the mouse up/down commands to achieve that.

It seems digital clock doesn't show the seconds either, so that's a good idea. - Aug 25 2019
No, you cannot login to more than one google account unfortunately.. - Jul 08 2019
It's on purpose, not a bug.

It's stuff I was considering making optional, but never got around to implementing. It currently serves it purpose in informing the user that the next 14 days will always be visible. If I hide the completed days/events, then the user won't be able to create events starting in the past. - May 02 2019
Hangouts was fairly simple since it was just a single `event.hangoutsLink` property.

I don't use either of those services, so I wouldn't be able to test the buttons with live data. If you'd like to provide a patch that implements those buttons, take a look at this GitHub issue where I outline how to parse `event.conferenceData`.
- Feb 12 2019
It's installed to ~/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.eventcalendar/
The metadata.desktop should have a Version in it that'll confirm what version you have installed.

To update the widget, you'll need to restart plasma for the update to take effect. Either relog, or run `killall plasmashell; kstart5 plasmashell`.
- Feb 12 2019
Thumbnail Grid

Kwin Switching Layouts 31 comments

by Zren
Score 77.5%
Apr 18 2019
Sorry, must of missed this comment / email. Rather than doubling the absolute value from 22 to 44. I'll need to scale it by DPI so it works for users with 1x DPI too.

Does this work?

property int captionRowHeight: 22 * units.devicePixelRatio
property int thumbnailWidth: 300 * units.devicePixelRatio
- Jun 24 2019
Oh right. Thanks for reminding me. Uploaded v5 with the patch the gives it focus when fixes the arrow keys in Plasma 5.15+ - Apr 18 2019
Inactive Blur

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins 16 comments

by Zren
Score 80.6%
Oct 02 2019
Yes. Change "blur by 40" to "20" to make it less blurry, or "80" to make it more blurry. Use the up down spinner or arrow keys. - Jun 22 2019
That's the main feature added in v2. - Mar 20 2019
Breeze AlphaBlack

Plasma Themes 42 comments

by Zren
Score 82.1%
Mar 17 2019
It's not suppose to have a super round corner.
It should look the same as Breeze and Breeze Dark.
The Oxygen theme has rounded corners.
You could edit the SVGs located at ~/.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/ with Inkscape. You could also copy the SVGs from breeze located at /usr/share/plasma/desktoptheme/ under the "default" folder. - Jun 15 2019
I uploaded v15 which has a fix for the generated popup's with custom opacity, however both the default popup background, and the tooltips will probably still be bugged until the upstream breeze theme is fixed (which is shipped in plasma-frameworks). If they hold back fixing it till the 5.57.0 release next month, I'll upload a v16 that overrides those SVGs, but tbh, I expect Arch to patch in a fix sooner that that. - Mar 17 2019
The Qt 5.12.2 update is actually what broke it and the default breeze dark theme. I'll be uploading a new version soonish. - Mar 17 2019
Command Output

Plasma 5 Add-Ons 29 comments

by Zren
Score 82.6%
Feb 20 2019
None really. I misinterpreted Plasma's executeable dataengine and assumed a command couldn't finish faster than 1 second, but I was wrong. I never really had a need to remove the limit before. What use case requires 120 calls per minute?

You're free to edit main.qml and ConfigGeneral.qml to remove the limits on the interval.

Test with the command "date +%S.%N" and running:
plasmawindowed com.github.zren.commandoutput - May 15 2019
Oops, that won't work. The MouseArea will "eat" the mouse click, so the "Text" won't receive the click event. I tried the "teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime" philosophy here, but this wasn't the perfect feature for introducing someone to coding widgets.

I'll release v7 in a few hours with these patches:

- Feb 13 2019
Ah, I didn't consider people using link tags. QML Text will automatically switch to RichText mode, but you need to add 1 line of code to make it open the link in a browser (or do something else).

Open up ~/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/com.github.zren.commandoutput/contents/ui/
Edit the main.qml to add:

onLinkActivated: Qt.openUrlExternally(link)

To the Text element, like in the LinkText.qml from another widget linked below.


You'll need to restart plasmashell to reload the widget in your desktop/panel though. Easiest way is to relog, but you can also run:

killall plasmashell; kstart5 plasmashell
- Feb 13 2019
Added to v6 - Feb 09 2019

Plasma 5 Add-Ons 52 comments

by Zren
Score 83.2%
Mar 31 2019
As in, making a list wider? The popup window should already grow taller as you add more items. - May 14 2019
Are you using the widget in the panel or on the desktop? If it's in the panel, the "FullRepresentation" has a `Layout.preferredHeight` that controls the height of the popup. For a desktop widget, the height starts at "Layout.minimumHeight", but the user can resize a desktop widget to be larger.

Open up: `~/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/com.github.zren.todolist/contents/ui/FullRepresentation.qml`

As you can see, I sorta tried making the popup grow in size, but it seems that's not working for you. Try a simple:
Layout.preferredHeight: units.gridUnit * 40

to double the height of the popup.

To test your changes, run `killall plasmashell; kstart5 plasmashell` to reload the panel (or relog). - Apr 07 2019
v11 has a strikethrough + fade option for completed items. You'll still need to disable "delete on complete" to see those effects though. - Mar 31 2019
Strikethrough is relatively easy:

There's already an option to not "delete on complete" that'll add a "hidden" delete button that appears when you hover the delete button or focus on a specific task. - Mar 13 2019
Media Controller Compact

Plasma 5 Add-Ons 15 comments

Score 75.0%
Mar 19 2019
Opening this widget's config in Plasma 5.15 caused plasma to freeze. To fix it, change the config page's implicitWidth using these instructions: - Mar 15 2019
Score 86.6%
9   May 01 2017

Global Themes
by llucas

Score 62.5%
9   Jan 13 2017

Global Themes
by llucas

Score 75.2%
9   Jan 13 2017