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Chris Cain

Various Gnome Stuff by M7S 39 comments

Well, I've got an addition to this bug that I just discovered. It's probably the same bug manifesting itself differently.

Even if you have "show window title for active window", namebar can still change, if a background window changes its title.

Reproduction steps:
Firefox open,
banshee open & playing songs (and it's actually in dockbarx),
If you're looking at a web page and banshee changes songs, banshee's window title shows up in namebar.

Keep in mind that if you have banshee running as an icon in the notification area (and not in the taskbar/dockbarx) it will not change the namebar... - Sep 19 2009

Various Gnome Stuff by M7S 39 comments

Hey there, I'm using this wonderful little applet in Arch Linux and I've found a tiny little bug... Under certain circumstances, when you choose the "topmost maximized window" option, you'll notice that the namebar will hold the topmost window, but may change when the currently focused window changes its titlebar.

What happens: namebar displays the title of the focused window when it should be displaying the title of the topmost maximized window

Reproduce steps:
Namebar installed,
Maximus installed,
set the "Show window title of topmost maximized window" radio option,
maximize Firefox. Open a pidgin window with at least 2 people. Change the person you're talking to by switching between the two tabs. Notice that, even though namebar shows the firefox icon, namebar reflects the title of the pidgin window. The controls of namebar still affect the maximized firefox window.

Otherwise, namebar ROCKS, and I will be using it on my notebook :)

Thank you for developing this. - Sep 17 2009

DockbarX Themes by M7S 997 comments

Hey there, thank you for this wonderful little applet.

My tip: If you're having troubles making compiz scale or shift work (like I did), make sure you enable the GLib extension in ccsm.

I'd like some visual feedback when I click on a launcher icon. I always feel like nothing's happening until the application suddenly pops up. - Sep 17 2009