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Thomas Loeber
KDE DVDAuthor Wizard

Video Apps 219 comments

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May 29 2007
First of all I would like to thank you for your work on this great tool!

But I had a problem recently when I upgraded to Imagemagick 6.3.0. After that there was no more background image in the menu created by the wizard except for the short fade-in phase. So I downgraded back to 6.2.9.

I don't know what causes this issue and if it is only related to Gentoo but I guess that other distributions will be affected too, once they ship with Imagemagick 6.3.0. - Dec 26 2006

KDE 1.-4. Improvements 154 comments

by uddw
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Dec 13 2004
But I noticed two things:

- The current date that appears in a tooltip when I point the mouse over the clock doesn't have the date format I set in the KDE Control Center.

- If I don't choose to display the seconds the clock updates only once in a minute. But there are cases when the clock needs to be repainted earlier, e. g. when I hide and then again show the control bar. - Dec 27 2004
KIO slave for iRiver iFP MP3 players

KDE 1.-4. Improvements 9 comments

by Fauli
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Mar 07 2004
Thank you!

I haven't used the UMS firmware yet but as far as I know with the UMS firmware you can download all file types from your iRiver to your PC.

Thomas - Apr 14 2004